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When great appliances make perfect design

Here’s how we match the perfect appliance to your needs:

Initial phone


We understand
your needs

We find the right fit for
your particular design

We suggest the perfectly matched appliance



We’re with you from the planning stage.


Contact us by Phone/ 


Tell us what your client is looking for


Send us your design sketch


Let us suit the appliances to the design and clients’ preferences


Your client will receive the best appliances for his needs!

Here’s how you can creatively integrate appliances into your design

Must-have guide for designers and architects!

Design your dream home…from the comfort of your home!

Appliance Direct has been providing high-quality appliances to customers, architects, designers, institutions, and developers for over 20 years. We are proud to provide our excellent customer service, via phone or video conference.

VRF…What Is It?

For those even somewhat familiar with the air-conditioning options until now, the choice was roughly divided into two: Either buy separate air-conditioners for every room…

The refrigerator: center of your home, more than ever before.

Family Hub™ is the first IOT-enabled appliance with features that help you manage your home and your life. Food management, family connection and wired entertainment…

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Want your appliances to last?

All the secrets that the manufacturers will never tell you: Here’s how to ensure that your new appliance fits your needs…and that it lasts.

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7 things you need to know before buying an appliance

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