Micro to macro

Every luxury home is built with its own unique theme, combining the house-owners’ dream design with their functional requirements and needs. Your dream is our challenge. Direct’s luxury department has extensive experience planning and accessorizing luxury homes in Israel and around the world. We can provide a full rendering of the final result already during the planning stages, with every detail perfectly fitted to the general theme chosen for the construction and design of the new home.

Long-term planning

Luxury products are not meant to be replaced every few years. For the most part, you expect your home appliances to service you reliably until the next redesign or renovation, which may be a decade or more away. We ensure that every luxury product leaving our store is 100% compatible with your requirements and design, and yet durable enough to serve you for many years.

Leading brands

At Direct’s Luxury Department, we import appliances from the top leading brands in the world. Every product arrives with a warrantee certificate and service starting from the moment of the purchase and covering many years. The department is always at your service for any question or request.