Early planning

The kitchen is where the very heart of the home lies. This is where family members spend a great bulk of their home time. The difference between a good kitchen and a perfect kitchen is the difference to the entire family’s quality of life. Planning the particulars of your kitchen appliances during the early design stages will ensure maximal comfort, a perfect fit for the needs of the entire family, and a place that will truly serve as the haven of the home.

Integrated design

An integral part of creating a new kitchen is its design. Our main goal is to do everything possible so that all the appliances will blend seamlessly into the furnishing of the home in a fully integrated manner, providing the visitor with the feeling that the entire kitchen before him is not a collection of unrelated items, but one single, exquisitely integrated unit.

Cultural fit

Every family has its own unique cultural preferences in cooking, baking, and sitting together at the kitchen table. For some families, preparations for Shabbat include challah baking or preparing special salads which require additional electric or gas stovetop burners, while other families have other needs. Our kitchen department specializes in perfectly fitting your kitchen to your family’s preferences and providing you with the kitchen that is best suited for your family’s unique cultural needs.