Schneller Complex



In one of the most opulent residential projects in Jerusalem, which combines Jerusalem’s ancient flavor with contemporary luxury, a dream home was designed. Orchestrated by master architect Chedva Bukspan and with class only she can create, this home is a stunning work of art. Yet a project with so many rooms and furniture pieces requires an air-conditioning system that is customized to its unique specifications, with units assimilated into walls, closets and ceilings in a seamless, well-calculated manner. Once again, Appliance Direct was chosen to undertake this challenging project. Using Mitsubishi’s VRF system , we succeeded in providing a full air-conditioning solution with minimal lowered ceilings and without interfering with the design elements.


Chedva Bukspan

Architects write about us

I must mention the patience and how they listen to every detail and dream of the client. Appliance Direct have proven themselves in the solutions they gave to every problem that arose throughout the process to combine the design with the chosen stle, they are attentive and kind. They meet the deadlines and do everything to make the customer happy.

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