If there is one area in the lives of Appliance Direct’s clients which was not affected by the Coronavirus, it is the ability to shop for appliances in Israel.

Appliance Direct has been supplying home appliances to private clients, institutions,  architects and contractors for over twenty years now. We are proud to assert that our company’s famous customer service has remained true to its reputation even when it  seemed as though selecting  the ultimate appliance has become impossible during the worldwide crisis.

A significant percentage of Appliance Direct’s clients are US residents who wish to design their dream homes in Israel with the same luxury standards they are accustomed to. There are also the Israeli clients who have learned a thing or two about the huge variety available these days and would like to invest in a product that will provide them with a new and exciting user experience; and of course, regular families who are looking for a good, quality appliance at a cost far lower than they could ever find in a standard brick-and-mortar store.

Appliance Direct offers all these groups a confident, educated shopping experience. Our staff guides the callers through the entire process, from the very first phone call, a Zoom meeting with the architect, and finding  just the right product for the client’s particular needs – whether it is a contractor who is looking to purchase eighty inverter air conditioner units or a family searching for a large, good-quality refrigerator that will fit into a particular niche in their kitchen.

Appliance Direct is proud to present a cutting-edge, intelligent website, where you can also view a few of our latest projects, such as Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue, Bustan Baka, Pninat Chemed, Merom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Estates and more.