About Us

Appliance Direct has made it its mission to change the way home appliances are marketed in Israel.

We believe that purchasing home appliances is an important process that homeowners grapple with every few years, and that it is crucial to approach it wisely and discerningly.

We also believe that the clients’ satisfaction with our service and personal attention throughout the process and beyond leaves them happy and confident in the knowledge that they have made the right choice and that there is a friendly and thorough response to any issue that may crop up. That is why, for nearly twenty years now, our clients have been returning to us again and again, referring family and acquaintances in a never-ending circle of happy customers.

What did we choose to do differently than other appliance stores?

  • We offer personal service, starting from the initial planning stages, through the decision-making and purchasing process, and following with service and warranty.
  • We provide personal consultations and comprehensive planning during construction or renovations, free of charge.
  • We opened a VIP – Luxury Appliance Department which specializes in personal import of the world’s leading brands.

We invite you to enjoy an experience unlike anything you’ve ever known before!