Air conditioning systems -
public and commercial

Plan Smart

Installing air conditioning in public buildings and complexes begins with proper planning and customizing to the project in order to ensure the most comfortable environment.

At Appliance Direct, we have extensive experience in customizing air-conditioning solutions for large-scale public buildings or residential areas based on plan parameters.

Appliance Direct employs a team of professionals who specialize in VRF air-conditioning for public buildings and business/residential complexes. Each project is guided by a full team of highly-experienced experts to ensure the finest customization to the project’s space and needs.


Professional installation is crucial for both safety and for optimal efficiency of the systems. Our professional installers have years of experience and are highly qualified to provide you with the safest and most professional installation, following industry standards and regulations, minimizing hazards such as electrical malfunctions or improper ventilation, and ensuring optimal efficacy. They will also leave the place clean and tidy.

Public Buildings & Large-Scale Projects

Appliance Direct’s Large Project Department employs a team of professionals who assist the client from the initial planning stage through the customization and actual installation of the VRF air-conditioning systems. This accurate customization is crucial for large complexes. Properly-planned spaces allow for optimal air-conditioning while keeping electricity costs to a minimum.

Our team will guide you at every stage, meeting deadlines and providing the highest-level personal service.

Residential Complexes

Appliance Direct’s team of professionals specializes in planning and incorporating air-conditioning solutions in condominium complexes and residential towers. Our experience in this field allows us to work along with the contractor while remaining attentive to each resident’s needs and desires, and to provide optimally-customized air-conditioning solutions while reducing electricity costs to a minimum.

What You Can Expect

High-quality service and meeting goals

Professional guidance

Expertise in air-conditioning solutions for public and large-scale spaces

Top-level professionals with rich resumes

Clean, professional installation

American-standard service & warranty

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