YES, you can still furnish your home with appliances…remotely!

If there is one area in the lives of Appliance Direct’s clients which was not affected by the Coronavirus, it is the ability to shop for appliances in Israel. Appliance Direct has been supplying home appliances to private clients, institutions,  architects and contractors for over twenty years now. We are proud to assert that our company’s […]

The refrigerator: center of your home, more than ever before.

Family Hub™ is the first IOT enabled appliance with features that help you manage your home and your life. Food Management, Family Connection and wired Entertainment – all managed from a 21.5″ Wi-Fi touchscreen on a beautiful 4-Door Flex Refrigerator. Samsung R3 Radiant360 Speaker With the Samsung R3 Radiant360 Speaker, the Family Hub Refrigerator lets you stream music, […]

VRF…What Is It?

For those even somewhat familiar with air conditioning options until now, the choice was roughly divided into two: Either buy separate air-conditioners for every room, or invest in a central unit. Central units are definitely quieter, more aesthetic-looking, more effective, they spread the air more evenly, and allow you the option of modern-looking vents and […]